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Common Mistakes That Most Men Make When Seeking a Russian Bride (Part 1)


I have tried to recall he hundreds of conversations that I have had with many men who have attempted to find a Russian Bride through methods other than my own and I have come up with a comprehensive list of the most common mistakes that most men make when searching for a Russian Bride. These are the things that I have seen and heard over and over again. These are the things that don't work for most men or are at the very least extremely inconsistent. These are the mistakes and assumptions that are not only due to the misinformation and myths perpetuated on most "Russian Bride" sites, but also due to the "denial" factor.

I have found that many of the men that I have talked to have completely bought in to the all of the myths and blanket statements that they have read on the internet on sites that are marketing machines, just because the company putting out this information looks professional or has a forum on which anyone can claim to be an expert. Despite having actually made the trip over to Russian or Ukraine, in some cases several times, having been disappointed in each instance, many men that I have spoken with continue to believe that their half super model / half Martha Stuart is just waiting over there for him to come and rescue her from small insignificant life and that she is dying to go with him to a foreign land. Despite my telling them of my own experiences and successes, those of my clients and friends not to mention the warnings of other experienced men and actual Ukrainian women, many of these men continue to believe the myths. They want it to be true. They need it to be true. Unfortunately, many of these men cannot or will not listen to reason and experience. They will continue to make the same mistakes over and over. Hopefully this list that I have put together will help some men to see the light. Keep in mind that some men have been successful and lucky at some of the things that I will talk about as being ineffective or inconsistent, as there is an exception to every rule, but most men have found these things to be ineffective and disappointing. The idea is to tell you what has not worked for the majority of men and to keep you from repeating their mistakes. No one is the "burning bush" so to speak on this subject, but I can share with you things that I know don't work the majority of the time and help you to keep your guard up.

continued in part 2...

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