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First steps in Letter Writing
Of course, not everyone finds their ideal mate. However, a person who knows what he is looking for and is willing to put time and effort into this work will usually be rewarded - (writing letters) is a very important tool in this process and can help win the heart of your special lady.

Basically: our women are looking for men outside of their own country for many reasons. Some women are dissatisfied with the lack of respect from men of their own nationality (perhaps familiarity breeds contempt). Some are disillusioned with their country's politics. Others are looking for a good quality companion and a way to improve their lifestyle. Some may be looking to start a new life with you.

Writing their first letter: we ask our ladies that they should enclose a close-up and full length photo of her. It is important that you also enclose photos of your self so the lady can also see what you look like. Give them enough information to decide whether or not to answer you, but don't give them so much that they know your life story in the first letter. And, remember, show some respect. Stay away from intimate conversation and sexual innuendoes. The main thing to remember is that these women are not merchandise that you can pick off a shelf, and they are not barflies that you are meeting for a one night stand. Basically, they are kind, gentle and trusting women who are sincerely interested in meeting a partner for life and therefore have opened up to you in this way so you could meet. If you act appropriately and are nice to these ladies, positive results will be achieved.

As you are probably aware: there are unscrupulous men who's only purpose is to exploit innocence Russian ladies with a view to placing them into the sex industry. In order to protect our ladies from this elicit trade we do not give out our ladies addresses and contact information. This is only provided by the lady after you have met her in person and with her consent.

You should remember: that the agency does not give a guarantee, that when you arrive the lady, you corresponded with will, necessarily live with you.

The agency is not responsible for the relations and feelings between clients. But at the same time, WE DO guarantee her real existence and meeting you.

How many letters should you write? This is not a simple question.

Some men write one letter, and end up with the wedding. Others might have lost the count to their letters and photos sent; they have tired writing to women from Moscow and the province, from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, but for some unknown reasons the correspondence halted after 2 to 5 letters. Others might have been even less lucky; to all their letters sent they have received replies where the ladies politely rejected them for one or another reason.

All those are the extreme possibilities. Getting 30-40% of positive responses is the normal statistics. If you are 30 to 35 years of age, you look nice, you are from the USA, Europe, Canada or Australia, you are likely to receive much more responses than a man of an older age or residing in a different country.

A LITTLE ADVISE ON WRITING YOUR LETTERS TO Ukrainian Women - We hope these letter writing tips will be useful to you.

Be open minded

If you are fifty something and you pick the cutest twenty something, and write only to her, you're in for a big disappointment. My fiance' was 32, and I was 42 at the time we decided to marry. She received many letters from men 50 and over. Her father was not much older than some of the men writing to her. She had no interest in writing to men who were old enough to be her father. And this goes for many Russian women too. If you are truly seeking a Russian bride to marry be realistic the main mistake most guys make is, initially, to be too restrictive in their choice of ladies. You must remember that there are lots of other guys out there who also want to have a Russian bride. The ladies can, at times, be quite selective about who they write to, because they may have many suitors. The best approach is to select a reasonable number of ladies, about five, and write the same INITIAL letter to each. See how many replies you get and take it from there.

Be realistic

As in the previous example, try to pick ladies who are about the same age as yourself, and no more than fifteen year age difference. Although it might be nice to have a wife twenty years younger than yourself, how long do you really think she will stick around? Write to a number of girls, ones you find acceptable as your wife, not just the incredibly beautiful ones. Remember that the prettiest ladies get the most letters; many of the other very nice ones actually get very few letters.

Be prepared to meet your ladies

Unless you are willing to make the journey to meet your chosen lady, there is no real point in writing to a lady, so consider this when you start writing to her. Letter writing is fine, up to a point, until you've got to know her. At some point you have to meet her and decide, or someone else will do it for you and you will have lost her. Expect to meet a few ladies before you find the right one. If you pick ladies from the same city or area, then at least this will keep down the number of plane tickets you require. Have a look at Expedia Maps a great place for finding out where somewhere is.

Consider the language problems

She may be very beautiful, but if she doesn't speak your native language it will be more difficult. This is not to say only pick ladies who speak English, but just that you need to consider this when selecting who to write to. The language ability is shown as a rating from one to five, five being excellent, one being poor. Also remember the ladies can learn English very quickly, if sufficiently motivated, as English is a much easier language to learn than Russian. We can help with this through translating letters to/from English/Russian and providing a translator when you wish to meet the lady concerned. From our experience we know that ladies, who don't speak English at all, Can in one month of active study become able to at least understand you, and within a period of one year there English can become fluent. If you write to a lady who doesn't speak English, it really does pay to translate your letters into Russian, as the lady may not understand what you have written otherwise.

Enclose a good photo

Always enclose a good photo of yourself when writing to a lady. This is not one of you and your friends drinking down at the local bar, one of you with your arm around some girl, one with sunglasses on , or one you need to squint so hard your eyes fall out to see what you look like. Include a close up shot of your upper body, one in which you can see your face clearly. Remember, this is really all the lady has to go on, so make sure you make a good impression.

Write Something Interesting

We know many clients who write first letters without any information about themselves. For the ladies who receive lots of letters, you have to write a letter which stands out from the others. You need to include important pieces of information about yourself such as your age, occupation, if you already have children, if those children live with you, what you interests are etc. Also write something interesting about the lady and why you are attracted to her. If she has a dog and you're interested in animals, ask about it. If she's interested in skiing, and you share that interest, ask her about it.

Send a gift

If you are really interested a special lady and wish to ensure a reply send the lady a gift, some flowers, candy or perfume. Very few clients do this, and it almost always results in a reply. It's not a cheap option, compared to writing letters, but for that special lady, it can work very well. We can deliver gifts for clients, or you can send them by normal mail. Be sure to use registered mail, as gifts can sometimes be lost or stolen in the former USSR mail system. Don't sent expensive presents or the lady may be asked to pay import duty to receive the gift. That's why it would be best for you to get a gift through us.

Ask Her Questions

Make sure you ask her plenty of questions about herself in your first letter. People like to know that others are interested in them and their activities. By asking questions about her she will think that you are interested in her as a person and she will want to respond to you immediately

Some notes for you at the end: From my own monitoring suggests that for some reason Ukrainian and Russian women are not eager to make connections with men from certain countries: Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India and Mexico. Chances to make a quick connection are very low if you are from the Middle East, Africa or some Latin America. We do not have intentions to offend anyone, but this is a reality. Therefore, double the number of your first introduction letters sent in order to have the success.

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