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Ukrainian Customs Regulations - Interesting to know

Under current Ukrainian Customs Regulations a traveler is allowed to bring duty-free the following items: cigarettes - 200 packs, hard liqueurs - 1 liter, wine - 2 liters; beer - 10 liters, detergents and other surface-active materials - 1 kg

It is allowed to bring into Ukraine under condition of oral declaration:

  • Foreign currency in cash in the amount not exceeding the equivalent of $ 10,000 USD
  • Checks in the amount of up to USD 1,000
  • Ukraine's currency - not more than 1,000 Hrn

With mandatory indication in a customs declaration:

  • Money taken out of Ukraine earlier (previous declaration is required)
  • Foreign currency in cash in the amount of USD 1,000 (up to USD 10,000)
  • Checks emitted by foreign banks and non-banking institutions in the amount of up to USD 50,000
  • More than USD 10,000 (in cash and checks) requires a written statement by the traveler.

It is prohibited to import: objects that may cause damage to health or endanger people's or animals' life as well as cause damage to the environment; items that contain propaganda of war, racism and race discrimination, genocide and any other propaganda which is counter to the respective norms of Ukraine's Constitution; items which are imported with the violation of industrial rights or intellectual property. Travelers must declare all cash and jewelry, regardless of value, upon entering Ukraine. Note: any undeclared items are subjects to confiscation. Entering or leaving Ukraine, you may proceed either through 'green' or 'red' customs corridors. Save all documents you receive and fill out going through customs - you will need these to leave the country. 'Red' corridors - for people carrying goods or cash that must be declared - any prohibited items - more than $1,000 and 85 hryvnyas in cash-personal jewelry whose value exceeds 500 hryvnyas-more than 1 letre of alcoholic beverages-more than 200 grams of tobacco products 'Green' corridors - for people who do not have any goods to declare.

Items of high artistic and historical value cannot be exported without a permission issued by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

This applies to art collections or separate works of art, archeological or numismatic items, precious metals and jewels, manuscripts, books published before 1966, furniture made before 1945, hand-made carpets, samovars and some other things. When buying artwork, it's advisable to request a special certificate attesting to its value and artistic significance.

Note: It is strongly suggested that you be completely truthful when declaring the amount of money you are bringing into the country. This also pertains to items of value.

Note: On your departure from Ukraine you will be required to complete an exit declaration form. All items of value should be the same as upon arrival except for the cash. You should not leave the country with more cash than what you entered with.

Note: Should you lose your entry declaration form the customs officer has the authority to confiscate all your items of value including your cash. This has happened so protect this declaration form as you would your passport.

Note: It's important to remember that one cannot send money through the international mail. Money sent this way can be a subject to confiscation.

Money in Ukraine
The national currency is the "hryvnya" (UAH) and is a stable currency. All banks, restaurants, shops, discos, and bars etc. and all other normal purchases are conducted in Hrivnas. If you are paying for something privately like an apartment rental, U.S. dollars are the top currency followed by the Euro. The EURO, US Dollars and the British Pound are most acceptable foreign currencies. Exchange rate is not stable and is based on the world currency rates; it changes every day.

Cash You can exchange your money into "hryvnyas" only at special places - "Currency Exchange Booths" and at Banks. There are a lot of currency exchange offices in downtown areas all over cities in Ukraine

Note: Be sure your bank notes are clean and not wrinkled, free of marks and tears. Even tiny magic marker strokes used by many world banks can be cause for refusal to accept your bills (or are accepted with very low rates).One should avoid exchanging currency with individuals on the street. It is illegal and dangerous.
Credit Cards VISA and MasterCard are most accepted. But only few very expensive restaurants and some shops accept Credit Card payment.But you can always find an ATM
Note:Usually you have to call your bank to inform them that you are going to go to Ukraine. Sometimes banking secure system can lock your card.
Travelers Checks are not advisable because there are only a few Banks where they can be exchanged for money and the exchange fees are 3 % or higher. (American Express does not have an office in the Ukraine to replace lost checks.)

ATM'S ATM cards are widely used and bank and Bank machines are literally everywhere. ATM machines dispense the Hrivna and some even dispense dollars for an additional 3%. Instructions are in Russian, Ukrainian and English. Many machines have German and French.

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