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Are you searching for a Beautiful and Sexy women from Russia or Ukraine for romance and marriage? Then you have found the right place! Bridesofukraine offers you the most effective way of getting the attention of that beautiful Ukrainian or Russian bride from Eastern Europe. It does work and will work for you! Just place your personal profile in our Men's Profile Catalog for FREE, and start getting as many as 10-50 letters from our pretty Ukrainian and russian women within the first week!



The Men's Profile Catalog: is a place where western and european men who are searching for Beautiful women from Eastern Europe to marry can post their profile and ad their pictures. Your profile will then be available to all our ukrainian women who are looking for a foriegn husband - these women will then get in contact with you. How ? The Single women registered in our agency and our partners agencies come to our offices, were we then show them the profiles and ads of serious western and european men in the catalog. These women then choose the men that interest them and like. She then will ask our staff to send the men she has chosen her letter of introduction. So, when you get a letter of introduction from a lady on Bridesofukraine you will know that she is really interested in you. and of course, you can also see detailed profiles and photos of those ukranian women who wrote you. Besides, you also don't have to open all the letters that you receive - you can read only the mail from women whose profiles and pictures have interested you. Plus !! Having your profile in our Catalog mean's you don't have to spend money or time on contacting ladies who may never write you back.


When you send: a letter of intoduction to a lady on bridesofukraine she will get your profile and pictures with this letter. So, you don't have to write some general information in every letter you send, you will have it all in your profile.You then don't have to spend money on sending your picture to every new lady you contact - the ladies will be able to have a look and see your picture in your profile. Besides, you can also deactivate your profile from the men's Catalog at anytime when you feel you have had enough women's letters, or when you have chosen one or several ukranian women from the Russian Brides Catalog and you now want to concentrate your attention on correspondence with them. The option to deactivate your profile is located in the account area of your account.. When your profile is deactivated all the new women that register with us can't see your profile at the agency and they also can't send you there introduction letters, but you can keep correspondence with all the women you have chosen and you can also initiate contact with new ladies if you want.Then only those women who you contact will be able to see your profile and pictures.

What you should write in your profile: You should include your bio-data, your interests and personality and the type of women you are looking for. You can not include any persoanl contact information such as email and phone number's in the text of your profile. Use your profile to present yourself in a positive way, with a nice photo's: most ladies will look at your photo's before deciding to read your profile information. Your profile will also be the main factor when you send ladies letter's. They will decide if they are interested in you based on your photo and what you say in your profile.

NOTE: Do not supply photos of nudity when you register as all photos are subject to approval and if you do your profile will be removed from our site.

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